Defending Defense is a joint effort of the Heritage Foundation, AEI and the Foreign Policy Initiative to promote a sound understanding of the U.S. defense budget and the resource requirements necessary to sustain America’s preeminent military position in a dangerous world.

Defending Defense has issued a number of primers and other documents, including the following:

Danger! Hollow Force Ahead

With the prospect of further defense spending cuts, the Defending Defense team examines the prospects for a hollow force, where our armed forces’ “size and inventory” do not reflect actual fighting power.

China’s Military Build-up: Implications for U.S. Defense Spending

This white paper considers China’s dramatic investment across its armed forces, its consequences for the regional dynamics and U.S. interests and what it means for the American military, long the keeper of peace and stability in the Pacific.

Setting the Record Straight on U.S. Defense Spending Requirements

Defending Defense’s first publication describes the state of the American military, addressing a number of common misperceptions about the extent and use of defense spending and delineating our armed services’ funding needs.

Other Products

Defending Defense’s stable of publications includes a series of questions released in anticipation of Leon Panetta’s Senate confirmation hearing, and a response to the President’s FY 2012 budget request.


Defending Defense recently sponsored an event on Capitol Hill entitled “Defense Spending and the Super Committee.” With Super Committee member Senator Jon Kyl (AZ) as well as Senators Kelly Ayotte (NH) and Lindsey Graham (SC) and Congressmen Randy Forbes (VA), Duncan Hunter (CA) and Allen West (FL) participating, the event examined the consequences of the deeper defense cuts in prospect with the Super Committee deliberations.

Check out the highlight’s from “Defense Spending and the Super Committee”:

Watch the video from the Defending Defense launch event here.